Fall Mystery Tour

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Fall Mystery Tour

Wednesday September 11, 2019

Oh deer, you’re going to love this tour! We’re headed on a fall excursion that you will absolutely treasure. There’s no need for your passport, we’re staying in New York State. There is NO casino so leave your gambling money at home! There are plenty of great stops, fun experiences and fine dining where you’ll be treated like a Queen or King! Join Know How Tours on this fantastic fall mystery tour. Note: Buffet Lunch Included


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  • This is cancellation protection ONLY and a doctor note is required for full refund
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Tour Schedule and Booking Options:

Pickup 1

{TP} Tops in West Seneca; 355 Orchard Park Road West Seneca NY
DEPART: 7:00 am
RETURN: 7:00 pm

Pickup 2

{EH} Eastern Hills Mall; 4545 Transit Rd. Williamsville NY 14221
DEPART: 7:30 am
RETURN: 6:30 pm



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